Do you use open educational resources?


The online network has increased the quality of life by bringing the people together. If finding simple information was a great deal in the past demanding to go through all the printed books and documents, now the same process is done within some seconds.

There is a funny joke among graduates saying that they owe their graduation to google for helping them accomplish their assignments. However, I have to say that except google, google scholar and other similar pages, we shouldn’t forget about the open educational resources  (OER) which are another valuable resource for learners.  Open educational resources (OER) are freely accessible documents which enable the users (larger population)  to have a free access to the appropriate learning, teaching and research materials. Being in public domain, online and free, the resources have tend to be mainly used in distance learning.

Using OER are beneficial for students. Alder and Brown (2008) in their article pinpoint that the main aim of OER is to engage more population in learning and helping the learners to acquire new and more knowledge.  Worth mentioning that open resources save costs for students. Moreover, the learners can enjoy the free courses offered by many leading universities which gives them the opportunity to expand their knowledge in a specific field. Below are the link of open resources of some top universities:

Harvard Open Courses

JHSPH OpenCourseWare


The available materials in OER can be beneficial both for Armenian teachers and students who are mainly graduated or studying from/at low-resource universities or educational institutions.  With the help of OER the students in Armenia are able to go beyond their schedule, explore the resources of other and maybe better universities, attend to relevant courses, read more articles and lectures.  This link will help you to find more about 1200 online educational sources.

Not only the students can benefit from OER, the teachers can also find activities by exploring the pages. Moreover, the teachers have the chance to look at the syllabus of many top universities, which may cause the improvement of their own program syllabus.


Also,English teachers can always consult the OERs like,, ,, to find more scholary articles about teaching method and other relevant materials, use the activities or attend the free trainings to improve their teaching skills.

To sum up, OERs are valuable sources that unfortunately  many haven’t heard of them. Using them regularly will positively affect the learning process and will increase the quality of the education.



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