I am For/Against of Arranged Marriage


Level: High intermediate (B2)            Age: 18+                Number of Students: #16

Learning Objectives:

Students will be able to

  • practice newly learned vocabulary in the context
  • improve their critical thinking
  • express their viewpoints regarding types of the marriages


Time Needed for Activity: 35 minutes


Preparation Time: 15 minutes



  • Board
  • Box of chalk


Introduction: This is for and against activity on the topic of “Arranged marriage”, in which students are divided into two equal groups, where one group defends the idea of arranged marriage while the other group talks against it, using the newly learned vocabulary in context.



Warm up activity: Types of marriages (10 minutes)


  1. Write “Relationships and Marriage” on the board.
  2. Ask students what types of marriages do they know?
  3. Write the following words on the board.
  • Arranged marriage
  • Love marriage


  1. Ask Ss whether they know about these types of marriages. If yes then ask them to explain them, if not, explain them yourself.
  2. Now ask Ss what general vocabulary, phrases or idioms they know related to this topic.
  3. Write the words said by the Ss on the board.
  4. Make sure that Ss know the following words:
  • a healthy relationship
  • Tie the knot
  • Have a lot in common
  • To enjoy each other’s company
  • To fall for
  • To have ups and downs
  • to get on well with
  • love at first sight
  • to be well matched


  1. Discuss the meanings of the words with Ss and bring examples.
  2. Make sure that everyone knows the meanings of all the words on the board.


Speaking activity: “For and against” (20 minutes)


  1. Divide the class into two equal groups.
  2. Write the sentence “Arranged marriage is better than love marriage.” on the board.
  3. Tell Ss that they are going to have a debate on this topic.
  4. Tell group 1 that they agree with this statement, even if they are against it, they have to bring strong points to defend the idea of arranged marriage.
  5. Tell group 2 that they are against arranged marriages and they think that people should decide about their personal life themselves. Again ask group 2 to bring strong points to support their idea.
  6. Give the groups time to discuss the topic with their members, ask them to write their points on a piece of paper using the newly learned vocabulary in their speech.
  7. Tell them the group presenting the most persuasive points will be the winner.
  8. Give them 10 minutes.
  9. Mentor the groups and help them with vocabulary.
  10. After 10 minutes, ask Ss to stop discussing.
  11. Before starting the debate, tell Ss that all the members of the group should talk and express their viewpoints.
  12. Ask one S from first group to introduce the argument for arranged marriages by giving 3 to 4 valid points.
  13. Give him/her 2 minutes.
  14. Ask one S from second group to introduce the argument against arranged marriages by giving 3 to 4 valid point.
  15. Give him/her 2 minutes.
  16. Now tell Ss the groups will start the debate and each group will talk in turn.
  17. Ask first group to start the debate by defending their viewpoints.
  18. Ask the second group to continue the debate talking against arranged marriages.
  19. Continue the same procedure until the end of debate.

·   Each group has at most 3 minutes to defend the idea, after 3 minutes stop them and ask  

the other group to continue.


  1. Listen to them carefully, mentor the groups, and make sure that everyone is participating.
  2. After 15 minutes debate, ask the groups to express their final thoughts.


Wrap up: (5 minutes)

  1. When the debate is finished, review the arguments once again.
  2. Decide which group is the winner.


Anticipated Problems & Assumptions:  There might be students having different viewpoints about the topic that they are assigned to debate about. Remind them that they need to be able to look at the topic from different angles and help the group to come up with strong points to have a good debate.



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